Tink of Toad’s thoughts of the day.

I’m reading == s l o w l y == Joyce’s ”Ulysses”, having never done such afore; and it’s time: time to catch up on all those texts of the Western Canon I’ve missed in life.  This reading is slow because of the Stream of Consciousness and the symbolism throughout the text.  I actually have two crutches: Don Gifford’s and Stuart Gilbert’s exegetical works.  Joyce was correct in saying this story would occupy academia & the intelligensia for years; it certainly has these two representatives.

But I wonder how much of what Joyce said and meant is being truthfully acknowledged, and how much epiphenomenal features have been subsequently applied to the story?  As such, this truly is a Living Novel in constant reinterpretation.  O! But how far do ye go, tho?

Presently, I’ve entered the realm of the Lotus Eaters, having passed through Calypso, that Navel of the Sea.  Calypso in sum:  If Odysseus is reincarnated as Leopold Bloom, then he is in Hell, in a Karmic sense.  And what good did all the virtuous behavior of Penelope do, if only to return as Molly Bloom?  Telemachus’ life continues a purgatory trek….just as perplexed on the 16th of June 1904 as he was over 3,000 years ago!  And where’s the old dog?  Do only dogs go on to Nirvana?

Forging ahead….can’t wait to see a Lotus Eater.

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