So, Lo! once again, I come round-robin

From whence – and once more! – I began.

Low are the rays of the sun’s gentle sloping,

which quickens the colors of leaves before dropping.

And much have I sought, at such little wrought,

in seeking and chasing the ephemeral thought.


I came to the East ‘gainst the flow going West

Some score and one-half years ago.

Now all from this past is catching up fast,

And I’m ‘plexed as to stay or to go.

Should I go before the snow begins to falling’?

Even though, where I go, the other keeps calling!


Such is my plight in the light of my problem

That Lo! once again, here I am, round-robin.

The sun travels west on a slant and its bent,

And the snow follows Fall oft times into Lent.


Thus I go ‘gainst the grain of common direction,

Whilst mankind flows in a linear progression.

So that now I have come to the point of my question:


Why does life seem in a linear progression,

When all I see ’bout me is round-robin fashion?




©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011


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