Soda-Pop, Soda-Pop, Pop-Art Jingle.

El Soda-Pop Cid

is a mighty Kid!

and Warhol knows him quite well.


From the days of yore

in America mon,

right after a war

(oh just pick a war! any old war!)

el Cid turns into an icon.


Pop is the pop

you’ll like alot

turned anyway around.


A jingle will tingle,

make the masses all mingle,

and drink all that soda-pop down.


So drink all that Cola

whilst we make our moola,

get rich! get famous! — Renown!


Pop-art or Op-art

in a Soda-pop can,

something goes belly-flop

and fizzles right out:

A mass-oriented Pop-Art Ican.




©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011



  1. haha love the word play in Ican at the end…a fun one…pick any old war is a nice line, and true that…with the designs of some of these cans they are def art…and seen a few artistic representations as well that certainly wowed…

    i added your like to dverse…

  2. Soda always made me BURRP! Beer also! So I had to settle for something which would be agreeable to my stomach. Yesssss! VODKA! Never a problem, always the ‘solution’ to my problems!!!

    Thank for the pick-me-up, though, your style is VERY likeable! And thanks for your visit and kind word…
    Steve E


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