Giving One’s Time To Caesar


Today was an interesting Monday,

maybe the last for a month and a day.

Most Mondays are not nice anyway –

least, that’s what I hear some people say.


I’m retired, so everyday is Monday.

A Tuesday through Thursday’s the same.

Friday and Saturday are still days of fame.

But Sunday’s still Sunday, so lame.


On Monday someone said to me:

How lucky you are to be free.

And I said, there’s no luck at all to it.

I’d done my time and went through it.


I learnt it once in the army.

As a teenaged basic draftee,

I met a ‘Short Timer,’

whom I told he was lucky,

having hours before muster.


and he said to me curtly and bluntly:


T’weren’t no luck at all to it truly,

I did all my time so I beg to differ.

I gave all my time to Caesar.


But he did not say what I had to say

to that someone I spoke to on Monday:


Don’t wish your young life away.

Enjoy it fully, everyday.

Take one at a time,

and you’ll do it just fine.

But don’t wish your whole life away.




[Revised 04 March 2012]

©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011


  1. *smiling* I am off to do my time again today. Unstructured and unencumbered is something we all wish for. Is a future dream wishing life away or is it something that softens the shocks of the journey?

  2. There’s a lot of things people don’t tell you, quite a few of which they should.
    But there’s value in reading between the lines, discerning what is good

    Enjoyed this–and I took some small pleasure in the irony of it being posted on Tuesday 🙂


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