All Heads Shook No


And Terrance was a young man!

He was still very young

on his first business trip overseas.

To speak in India.

What a lucky young man,

and each one is probably a Hindu.


The lectern was set,

the film slides began,

Terrance was well on his way.


A few minutes in

he asked for questions,

and all heads shook to a ‘No.’


No questions.


Well, do you all understand?


And all head again shook to a ‘No.’


Oh boy!

I’ll start once again

from the beginning

and take it real slow,

so here we go again.


When finished

Terrance asked again for questions.

No questions came from a man.


Does everyone understand?

All head shook to a ‘No.’


Oh man!

I’m confused.

What could be wrong?

This is really simple stuff.

Okay, we’ll try again,

this time, much slower.


Then one man stood

Terrance, Terrance,

In India, we shake our heads ‘Yes.’




Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.



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