Ezra, This is Silly Stuff (or) Why Willie Moved Away.


So my friends in Alaska,

as they like to say,

you don’t come here often,

out to this way.



No way.

No way Jose.

I don’t know ’bout you,

but I think it’s no se.


Rime me a riddle,

rhyme me a rime;

if no one can get it,

it’s time to suck lime.


Silly Willie,

he used to live here;

the last time I saw him,

he was living right there.


And now, that we’re finished,

it’s time to return —

Tell me the difference

twixt a dyke and a berm.


One can be concrete,

the other just dirt;

fall down from one

and you’re bound to get hurt.


Rhyming and timing

is different than meter;

if I to lose one,

I’d rather lose neither.


The iambic pentameter,

may just go away,

if Ezra Pound

ever gets his own way.






Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Thanks, Marvin. I’m nicely cheered by your humour – time for lights out now. Ps Thanks for commenting on ‘Summit’. And I’ve skimmed through your genealogy . . . it is extensive. Mine only goes back to 1570!
    best wishes


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