The Land of Enchantment

Thursday Poets Rally Week 57 (December 1-7, 2011)



Once bitten, thence smitten,

it is said, but not written,

in the Land of Enchantment,

New Mexico.


From Tesuque, a Pueblo,

to the Mescalero,

to the White Sands

near Alamogordo,


The Sunshine State –

‘til as of late –

is the Land of Enchantment,

New Mexico.


The Four Corners are calling,

the Pecos is sprawling,

and the Grande is a river we know.


The Chaco Canyon

was abandoned

a millennia more years ago.


Still standing the citadel,

it awaits for its people

to return to New Mexico.


The Spaniards had tried to

conquer and subdue

this Land of Enchantment before.


But they, too, were consumed,

swallowed, subsumed,

as were all that could not endure.


This land is so old

that its people enfold

unto sand with the land evermore.


Once bitten,

thence smitten;

as the land incants

and possesses everyone’s soul.


Thin molecules in air

still flow everywhere,

the sounds of the past, on parole.


There’s no where to go

for the sound but to flow

through the sands of the land,

and blow.


To listen real close,

one can still hear the ghosts –

their murmurs, their chants, their woes.


The mountains and sand,

the forests and land,

and the rivers

that all slowly flow –


They Know!

They Know!


That land is consuming,

and slowly subsuming,

all the living from the land, very slow.


They well understand

the the goings of Man,

in the Land of Enchantment,

New Mexico.




(Revised 01 Dec 2011)

Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I visited New Mexico for the first time this summer and liked it; yes was dry as you wrote “thin molecules in the air”. Got something meaningful from this poem.

  2. Beautiful. It was so hard to leave New Mexico. I was always drawn back. I finally moved to Tucson and managed to not move back, but Farmington will always be my home regardless how far or how long I stay away!! Well done, Tink! It captures the beauty and the feel for NM

  3. One of my brothers lives in NM and I’ve visited a few times. The desert areas are so different from what I’m used to here in Florida. I love the history, culture and enchantment that it holds.

    You told its story so well.


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