When Lights Go Out in Tucumcari

dVerse  ~ Poets Pub 22Dec11

Meeting the Bar – Contrast



ice will take over, while the night’s still on fire,

where much is the same, when the same is not much.


When bawdy madly picks up an ‘r’

all stops go full circle – who said there is nonsuch?


Someone’s love will be another one’s gain,

in the comings and goings, and the tosses and turns.


A moment of spark is the start of a flame,

where love can be cold it also can burn.


Take what you may; you might take it with you.

Seek to the solace of soul.


For the hills and the dales there are many but few,

at the Six Shooter Siding, I’m told.

[author’s note: Six Shooter Siding was the original name of Tucumcari, a gunslinger’s town.]

Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. ah nicely done tink…love this line..

    When bawdy madly picks up an ‘r’

    all stops go full circle – who said their is nonsuch?

    ha that is fun and nice contrast coming right out of the gate with this one…

  2. A slick slalom over the highway to the season of disenchantment–nice use of contrast and opposition as well as just some neat turns of phrase. Happy holidays to you tink, and thanks for playing with the dVerse kids.

    • Six Shooter Siding was the original name of Tucumcari, a gunslinger’s town. Once nicknamed as “Six-Shooter Siding,” Tucumcari, New Mexico got its start as a rowdy railroad camp filled with saloons and outlaws. The town later took the name of Tucumcari to reflect with the scenic Tucumcari Mountains acting as a background for the city. The meaning of the word “Tucumcari” is a loose derivation of a Comanche word for lookout.

      The poem is a reflection on the lawlessness of the old West.
      It’s cold in Tucumcari at night; hot, during the day.
      Nothing much changes in the long term; but, the short term….human life….is violent & abrupt with change.
      Love will re-kindle and re-flame; the old tenders, lost & forgotten.
      This questions how love can be so warm, then cold, and hurt.

      Quck anger & temper is conflagratory & dangerous.
      In the end of life, you only take with you what you can….therefore, prepare the soul with full contentment, not with illusory things.

  3. It helps if you know “the land.” There is much, much, much more, to me, included in this poem…it is bookmarked in your book and I read if often. Well done!


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