In a Town of Four Corners Near the Sun


Long gone are the lads of class sixty-seven,

where they spent the whole night,

at their whim, will, and beckon –

fancies in the full fledge of flight.


Some drove their own cars,

to relate to their stars

that came through the air waves from heaven.


Festooned young men in their decorative trim,

acolyte lights of full vigor and vim –

to the circle, not center, but the rim.


And dragging down Main was much of the same –

they were hoping to always find something.

On occasion they’d find a friend of some kind –

more often than not, it was nothing.


Yet still nights were fraught with delights often sought,

intermixed with a music and tempo

of the promising psalms that still often comes

from a young lad’s FM car radio.


Long gone are those nights of the boys’ fancy flights

down Main street in full fledged bravado.

The occasional spin, fifty miles now and then,

north, to buy beer in Colorado.


Even though they were not, all thought they were hot;

they were safe, in Four Corners, New Mexico.


Now gone are those days of that near perfect craze

for the boys in their full fledged bravado.


Of all those boys and their juvenile forays,

only now are just memories and stories.


But once, at one time, long before sixty-nine,

and a war, in which nobody won,

these boys could be found to be dragging around,

in a town of Four Corners, near the Sun.





Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. That about sums it all up. I’m sure you purposley omitted the fact that the beer we sought was 3.0. Oh, well, it got us by. Thanks for posting.

  2. tells it pretty much as we were who would ever thought that life would throw such a curve to the brave soles of 67 and were we ever brave and bold..nicely done there old friend.. except you left out the a 1 beer we drank when we could not afford colorado

  3. A ode to the days when life was simple an and fun before we were touched by the war that wasn’t named a war


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