There’s This and Much More


So where were you

    when the “shit hit the fan?”

Where were you

    when needed?


It’s “Deja Vu

    all over again,”

and where are you

    when you’re needed?


In fact,

    it’s real;

it doesn’t appeal

    to that sweet life

that you’ve created.


Oh, it’s nice to be

   in serenity,

but in real life,

    things do get heated.


True love, Man,

    is an open hand;

and to be there

    when comfort is needed.


Don’t disappear

    if you really care,

a little help

    is built into giving.


And when she calls

    she’s all into tears,

but all she needs

    is some heart and your ears.


Just stay aware,

    take care and beware;

there’s this and there’s more

    that’s in living.




Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.

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