Narbona Lets The New Man Go


So different this New Man,

the Blue Man,

the Dragoons of Kearny,

I see him though he, not see me.


The Navajo know,

although not there,

I can see

and I hear



From my lofty perch

up high in the air

one need not search

to know I am there,


the Seer that sees

all that below –

nothing escapes

what I need to know.


I know what is,

and all that has been.

for I am the Seer,

for the Navajo.


Listen! and I’ll tell you,

then you too shall know

how Narbona

let the New Man go.


The New Man,

the Blue Man,

the Dragoons of Kearny,

the Bilagaana,

the pale face

that comes to Dinetah.


Thirty there came,

thirty on horse,

over terrain,

a mighty small force


in search of the man

– Any Man! –

the first man,

the last man,

anyone can,

of the Dineh do,

on the Navajo land.


Who are these men?

such brazen men!

filled with the valor

of the very un-wise?


No one – Not one! –

has dared heretofore

to seek out

the Navajo warrior.


This envoy it seeks

to plead and entreats,

to treaty of peace

with the warrior –


The Dineh of Dinetah!


I see them come,

I see them flow,

o’er the sands

of New Mexico.


They ride, and they glide,

upon horse and ferry

their small horde

ignoring all chary.


Make contact! Be speedy!

seek out and entreaty,

a captain named Reid

and the Lords of Temerity.


A dangerous foray,

this New Man envoy.

To enter Dinetah

takes much of bravada.


With no known direction

each risks his own life

to total destruction,

by the Navajo knife.


Three days in riding,

the Navajo hiding –





Three days and counting,

Dineh come then mounting

their horse

in perforce

to enforce



And Reid thus then speaks

that he wishes to meet

with the chief

of the Navajo nation,


to seek out a peace

– and to ensure their release! –

To the tribe

Reid appears



Another day’s ride,

further inside

the Dinetah

to see the man,



And thus did they go

with the Navajo,

leading the New Man

in circles.


And by hundreds

they grew!

about Thirty so few,

the Bilagaana

until Narbona

would show.


How strange

is this meeting

of possible foe –

the Bilagaana

and the Navajo.


The Spaniards,

the Mexicans,

– even Pueblo –

the Old Men,

the Navajo,



Still strange,

this New Man,

his temerity shows!

that now,

for Dineh,

curiosity grows.


The New Man comes hither

to usurp a role,

but the New Man

doesn’t know

the Navajo soul.


Two cultures to meet

the first time, forever –

Dragoons in blue,

some wore their leather.


The Navajo comes

to satisfy eyes,

for the New Man’s

new habits

and new ways,



Much organization

and stratification,

seem strange

to the Navajo nation.


Such irreligion

against Creation –

the act of hubris

to distinguish oneself

apart from all else.


To extinguish,


and otherwise


from the Plan,

this New Man,

still must abide.


Such hubris,

such mystery,

such superiority show

this New Man

to the Navajo.


Oh! the effrontery!

audacious temerity

of this New Man

to New Mexico.

The Bilagaana,

The Dineh,

must now

need know.


Great, their surprise

to see on the rise

Narbona ride into view.


They did not know

– the Navajo –

nor the Dragoons,

dressed in their blue,

that Narbona would come,

when the New Man begun

to consider his own

a demise.


But the Navajo knew

just what they would do –

take Bilagaana out,

by surprise!


The Dineh knew him old,

respected and bold,

but the New Man

just saw him as ill.


At eighty five years

Narbona had still

a reverence that nears

to perfection.


His size and his age,

not alone made him sage,

but also did Natural Selection.


But the New Man mistakes

by holding beliefs

that the Navajo like

others have chiefs.


A clan-like system,

each leader, familial,

‘round matriarch women

each clan forms an axial.


A man may prove eager

and thus become leader,

but with fealty

comes realty,



But the Dineh must eschew

all excess.


To share with the clan

will make a male, man –

an evil, a Vei,

the other way.


Narbona, however,

made his respect

as a sage

through his age,



And New Man is quiet,

afraid to come near.

We see what small valor

escapes from all fear.


There is much such seen

that goes all around,

when they sit

to co-mingle

down on the ground.


I, from my perch-top,

where I can espy,

can see all that happens

from keen sight of eye.


First! I see Fear

from all the Blue Men,

getting acquainted

to the new Indian.


On his part, Narbona,

and all of his people,

of curious nature

are cautiously heedful.


Both sides aloof,

under starry skied roof;

but I, from above,

give Narbona his proof

that all will go well,

for this he can tell

by the feather I lent him,

as one from my tail.


The unknowing glowing

from Captain Reid’s heart,

showing and growing

beginning from start.


They arrange themselves

in high profile posture –

fear to be conquered,

it first must be mastered!


And the women have come!

they ride their own horse.

In their Navajo tongue

they encourage, enforce

their own to Rise Up!


Their force is but small,

their strength, just as well.

Overpower them all,

this New Man of Evil.


Narbona then calms

the outburst of qualms.

A wise man,

this Narbona,

to be.


For he knows all their strength

is of much greater length,

that the New Man,

the Blue Man,

not a tenth of their army.


And they will return,

comeback and burn,

attack all and sack whole

of Dineh.


Such, is the strength

of Bilagaana’s big army.

Be calmed, be balanced.

Deny, Dineh, all heresy!


Changing Woman

has brought us a test

to choose the path

which is best.


Let us hear now

What this New Man

may say.


Narbona thus speaks

for he only seeks Peace

and a Balance,

as belief

of his people.


Narbona, so old,

is showing he’s tired

from the decades bemired

in the War Dance

no longer desired.


He is ken to the power

this Bluecoat can shower

on the clans of all Dineh.


Bilagaana is here

in peace, it is clear.

Let the New Man

have his own

piece to say.


There is time for the War Dance,

time now, for the Peace Chants.

He seeks to entreat

for the permanent peace.

Give him no harm,

only charm

from Dineh.


Agreement then reaches

to meet at the beaches

of Bear Springs,

two weeks from date.


And there, to create

and hope that the hate

and the fighting

that’s fated

and afflicted

his people


will at long last abate

with a permanent Peace,

but if not, surcease

last enough

that as much

should be ample.


I watch what transpires

from my airy tower,

and a Goodwill

takes the Chill

from the fires.



at this time,

at this place, at this clime,

two races




where ne’er the twain

will e’er be the same thing,

e’er and forevermore

once again.


And I, for my part,

I have to report

that Narbona,

there and then

he did start


the change

Changing Woman

had him impart

for the New Man,

the Bilagaana

of New Mexico.


And Narbona

let the New Man






[Revised 01 March 2012]

Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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