Vittorio’s Gold



Vittorio stole

the white man’s gold –

the white man’s gold,

his treasure.


But Vittorio stole

all of this gold;

and then, to throw in good measure,

he would take of their horse

and leave them, perforce,

to stew evenmore in displeasure.


And across the land,

of the mountains and sand,

Vittorio would hide all this treasure –

for gold was the privy only of gods,

silver was made for the man.


Now, down to this day

people still say

that there’s gold still buried aground.


So seekers will go,

through the heat or the snow,

metal detectors with sound,

and scour the hills,

in those low-lands and fields,

in the search for Vittorio’s gold.


But what be the odds

what he gave back to gods

will be taken or given again

to these scions of angry white man?


Vittorio’s gold,

so the story gets told,

will harden not soften man’s sin.


An uncle I knew,

and a step-father, too,

on crutches and oxygen tanks

would hobble about,

just go out to scout

for treasure,

their pleasure

a thanks.


Thanks to the chance

to follow – Romance!

to seek for the lost, hidden gold.


It’s a story, I’m told,

that never gets old,

Vittorio’s gold adds a trance.




©Marvin Loyd Welborn, 2012

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