In Real Life



 In real life

  we Tarzans 

  don’t swing from a vine,

and plainly

  those Janies 

  wouldn’t give us the time.


When I was a poor boy, 

  white hats were all in

  for heroes, all sunshine;

  black hats for bad men.


In real life

  the nice guy

  comes in dead last.

The bad ass

  and ugly,

  all end in the best.


In real life

  “The Man’s” life

  is simply ignored –

If it ain’t movin’ fast,

  one gets quickly bored.


In real life

  the afterlife

  is sought and implored;

it’s the real life

  in real life

  that’s routinely ignored.



In real life the Tarzan

  has never drank wine;

Jane, his ideal wife,

  Man! she looked fine!



When I was a poor boy,

  the road quickly bent;

then real life took over,

  and I went where sent.


Now heroes of moonshine

  make White Lightnin’ gold.

In real life

  a young life

  will slowly unfold.


Then too soon it’s over!

All over – It’s gone!

Move over dear lover,

  you’re, too, getting old.


In real life 

  the real life

  is all but ignored.

It’s real life that’s lost us

  and cost us our soul.

Then too late for hindsight

  whence hindsight’s implored.



©Marvin Loyd Welborn, 2013

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