He Gave Yourself to Billy Boy

                                                             – For Emily, wherever I may find her.


He made yourself

  to look too free;

He took your soul to his.


O God!

Pray tell, it was not he!


Please tell me that it was hubris –

    Unbridled Vanity!


He made advantage

  of himself,

He took great Liberty.


He made it out

  you two made Love,

And showed the world,

  to see!


I thought that you and I

  were One thing,

Was not it?    but me?


He told the world of

  all of something,

I took it privately.


Though gone now more

  a century,

I know that should I seek

  yourself outside my Memory

and dare myself a peek

  of those remains – 



Now, How?   Not Why!

    Please Speak!



    Such Coquetry!


Even as you Reek!


He gave youself

  to Billy Boy,


O! Wretched!

Wretched Treachery!





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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