Why I Don’t Count


Some people keep track

    of their dates as they went;


I don’t.


And others take care

    with the time they have spent;


I won’t.



I don’t know….I don’t count….it’s been many a year,


sometime back when 

    I was 21.



I quit keeping track, 

    I don’t count anymore;


way back then, 

    when still plenty young.


Sometime back when, 

    in some other war;


I was young,

    I survived;

        Bless my stars,

I’m alive!



But many’s the lad,

    who had no such luck;


and that has been yet 

    my biggest regret.



Ever since then,

    my count’s been amuck.


For many who count,

    there are some who gave up.


I can’t count….I won’t count….I don’t keep 

    track of it;


like those who don’t count, 

    whom I shan’t forget.


How old am I?

    I haven’t a clue;

but some years more,

    and then, maybe few.






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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