Burning My Bridges




    Well done!


At last, it has come….


It was always a one-way direction.


            (Oh! Iniquitous injustice!)


            (False hearted confection!)


So it happens, sometimes, 

        to some.


The onus 

        was always on me.


I’d proven myself        



    No warrant,

          no justice.





Well done!

    Now we’ve come….


        We’re finished.



But I still pray,

    that some day,

you, too, 


    a   just     

dis pen  

    sa tion.




So, at last! 

    There, thus:


        it’s the end

            of both “Us.”



Farewell, then,

    my fair-feathered    “friend.”


That was the last straw;

    and now this begins:


I haven’t the desire, again –


    I’m burning my bridges:

          Both ends!






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welbord


  1. hmmmm…this only works if you are NOT standing on the bridge? Like you are standing in a very deep, lonely dark corner. I suppose the fire could light up the corner where you live? Ha! Well done.


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