The Point of the Poem


We’ve come to the point

  on writing a poem,

where we question

  the product we’ve wrought.


We still do no know

  if it is, or is not;

but we’ll come to that point

  in a minute.


Presuming it is, 

  we know what it isn’t:


It’s not some prose, by a nose,

  we have got;

nor Longfellow’s shot,

  markedly prescient.


I suppose in the end

  if it’s put down by pen

and it falls or it lands

  upon paper –


What then?


A circumlocutionary caper?


Words!  Words!

  Turgid fat words!


Still, some small,

  are also absurd.


But back to the point,

  we almost forgot.

The Words, like a train,

  off-tracked us in thought.


To be or be not,

  is not what we’ve got,

but a Poem, which is also

  a  Palindrome:



        Pure is poetry if it’s sure


        Sure it’s if Poetry is pure







©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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