Act 3: Curly’s Garage


That firtst night

    that we met,

Was it Curly’s Garage?


There, where no cars

    are allowed

At the table.


The Full Moon was set

    like a Pearly Mirage.

The Stars followed out

    like a Sable.


You walked in the joint

    with a Purpose and Point,


    Dear God!

Still Capable.


And so shall it Be.

And Thus it sure was.


It Poured through the roof,

    out of the walls;

Through the doors,

    and past all the Tables.


And it didn’t let up.

You gave it the gas.

    Oh, Lord!

Where’s the Brakes

    when expected?


It couldn’t be Looks,

    I was always at Rooks,

For me, anyway,

    with my Past.


Then the Film gets Romantic.

Sometimes, Comedic.


We Laugh,

    Then you Smile.

It’s Proleptic.


But then we both Bought,

    I guess, what we Sought,

From each other,

In another,

That was Naught.


You thought me Gentle.

So you said, I was Gentle.

Pedantic, is what I’d, rather, 



Well, maybe,


But, no


For the first night,

    all I did

was just talk.


But my words were just Flowing.

What I said, was Unknowing.


I was Blowing and Going,

    I Balked.


It was You,

    I was Listening;

While you talked,

    I was Glistening.


It was you

    I was Listening

        When you Talked.


It was your Show

    that night;

For me,

    Pure Delight.


I was Lost

    in the Warmth

        of the Light.


And then,

    the Kiss

that followed 

    all this,


That First Night

At Curly’s Garage.


I didn’t Expecit it!

    Even less, Suspect it

Would Seal 

    the Deal

        and Time Slow


To the Perfect Containment,

    A Certain Contentment,

For the First Time

    In Life

        I would Know.


That This was a Moment,

    Call it Predestination,

A Pedantic Fool

    fell Aglow.


I was never in Charge.

I Lost all Control.

A Pawn moves in Life

To the Flow.


That First Time we met,

I could not forget;


    took me into

        the Tow.


At Curly’s Garage,

The Full Moon Mirage,

Two Actors

    With Roles

        in the Show.


And all the World,

    is a Stage.






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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