It Jest Might Be Hominy


Once, I was Younger

and wild with the Hunger

for the footloose, 

    and be fancy free.


But then, I grew older;

I became an up-holder

for the socio-respons-



And now, that I’m Ag-ed,

some say that I’m too Sag-ed;

for I spew forth in much 



    Thrice,   would be nice;

    nice,   should be twice;

    and this nice, 

        will make it all   three.


Which of the stages

(including the Sage’s)

of phases, in life, 

    would you be?


The essential potential?

Actualized eventual?

Or in final:  a phase of 



Blame Aristotle!

It’s him, we should throttle,

for cooking three phases of   “Be.”


Holy Kits and Kaboodle!

Too much use of the Noodle

can get Grits, 

    out of jest Hominy.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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