Clear As Mud




Those boys will be cowboys

and the girls will be prizes.


(I know, you thought I’d say princess.)


But girls are not subjects,

which would make them then objects;

whilst boys will be subjects of derision.


Girls, for the boys, are objects of mission.


The boys are not priests, 

so it won’t be religion.


Boys are just cowboys

and girls are their prizes.

Not subjects, but objects,

objects of passion;

whilst boys, derision.


And there you have it,



Sex-education by edification


of cowboys and objects;

their objects of passion;

of subjects, derision;

though nothing, religion.


I hope that’s all cleared up

and well understood.


as clear as all mud.


Omission, surprizes;

O! mission, sure prizes.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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