Narbona’s Sonnet


[The Mexican people, and the native Pueblo,

steal from each other, and fight Navajo.

Three native nations, just seeking to Be,

elides observation, except Apache.]




Hot! is the color of summer air;

boiling, the sand, it spreads everywhere.

Water adds value – if only there were;

God knows! what value, of nothing that’s there.


The Blue men, the New men, the Dragoons of Kearny,

dearth in their number; but one day, come many.

These are the new men, to New Mexico;

so few men, these new men – to Navajo, foe!


Year upon year, continues a hassle:

subsistence survival, hardscrabble struggle;

effort and conflict, endeavor and wrestle –

Life is a grapple, stumble and scramble.


But, people there know how best to survive;

least those that best do, are those still alive.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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