The boy is just eight

He receives all the hate

All the anger

Invidious Envy.


Behold thus the Danger:

If one man, too many.


What bestirs of the Breast

Which Hides within Heart?


Or the Head

When a Soul

Is just Dead?


What Moves

Such a Man

To Physical Violence?





A Mental Imbalance?


What Flows Forth

To Future,

Where Blocked by




Simple Forgiveness.

Small Acts of Kindness.


Definition of Difference

Twixt the Human and Beast.


Live to Forgive;

Live and Let Live.


  That which matters

  the Least.


Be Kind to the Lad,

For Goodness Sakes,



And the Boy

Will Impart

What he sees.


Kindess Returns





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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