How To Lose A Best Seller


If you want it done right, well, you know the rest.  But, sometimes, if you want it done at all….  And why even mention this?  Because of a gal that I used to know, way back when, in New Mexico.  She says her life story she wants to share.  “So what?” I said.  “Nobody cares.  If you want to hook people, then you’ll just have to snare all your readers with rich bait and a lure.”  “But I can’t write.  I wouldn’t dare.  I was hoping that you would.  Can I interest you here?”  “Oh no! sweetheart.  Nobody cares.  But there are Ghost Writers that will charge you a fare.”  “Well, really I was hoping I could interest you there.  I have a great story that that I need to share. It’d be a best seller.  I know that it would!”  “No, No, Dear Darlin’, and let me be fair:  If you want it done right….”  “But, I can’t write!  I don’t write.  I’ll tell you what:  I’ll pay you a lot, if you’d just write it up.”  “Oh no, dear friend, I don’t really care.  But, I’ll tell you what: Do you see that gal over there?  She just might do it.  Why not approach her?  She’s done such before.”  And there I did lose her.  I may not see her again.  For she’ll know me from henceforth as shirker, not friend.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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