A Boy and a Girl


A girl and a boy,

  together they play;


  if but only today.


A time will soon come,

 as it always does,

and lead each other 



She’s cute.

  He’s pretty.


But Nature betrays

  the neat from the normal;

there’s nothing abnormal

  that Nature obeys.


A boy and a girl,

  each to their world.


She’s pretty.

  He’s cute.


Nature made them that way.


A sweet boy, 

  pretty girl.


We think they’re just friends.


We don’t know

  which way

the tree limb swings.


And the girl is a pearl

  of a gem.


He’s pretty.

  She’s cute.


They’re probably not suited

  for each other,

but in some other way.


She’s pretty. 

  So’s he.


Is there mutual attraction,

  or affected protraction?


How may we winnow 

  the real stuff away.


A girl and a boy,

  exude in their joy;


that Time, soon enough,

  sheds away.


A boy and a girl,

  both in their worlds.

‘Til they leave it,

  leave the boy and the girl

to play.







©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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