Brother, O Brother

hast thou seen our Mother?

O Brother, Dear Brother

is our Mother still here?


No Sir,  Dear Brother,

gone is our Mother

our Mother hast gone off

she’s gone off somewhere.


Brother, Dear Brother

I’m off to another.

I’m off to out yonder,

off to some other,

some place over there.


Sister, Dear Sister,

hast thou seen the Father?

hast thou seen our Father?

Dear Sister,  my dear?

Is our Father still there?


O no sir      O no sir

I’ve not seen the Father.

our Father, Dear Father

I’ve not seen our Father

our Father’s not here.


Father’s gone yonder.

Out off and yonder.

Our Father went yonder

some other year.


Sister, Dear Sister.

Please tell our Mother.

Please tell the Mother

goodbye for me, dear.


Brother, O Brother,

please tell your Mother

tell her I love her,

and I’ll miss her, my dear.


My boat it waits yonder,

down by the river,

where then it will then take me

away from all here.


Farewell then dear Brother,

goodbye my sweet Sister

I hope to see Father

out there somewhere.


Please tell our Mother,

tell her I love her.

Please tell our Mother

I loved her, my dear.


Please tell our Mother,

tell her I loved her,

and please tell dear Mother

to be of good cheer.


Tell her I’ll look

for our lost father.

Tell mother, dear mother

to be of good cheer.






revised 11 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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