The West was won

  many times over.

There was more than a win

  and a loss, to that tale.


The number of wins’

  opposite number,

  those of the losses,

are numbers as well.


They rise, they swell;

  yet, no one will tell.

No one remembers

  another one’s tale.


Where ever a gain,

  know also with losers,

the inverse relation

  is greater, or same.


When accounts go to debt,

  someone will get it –

An offset for here,

  is a gain over there.


The rich get richer;

  the poor, do the same.

It won’t be the former

  to give up his fame.


Ruling ideas

  become accolades;

losers in turn,

  through cultures,  parade

red herring ideas –

  Culture Charades.


Culture commands!


And that’s how the West

  really was won.


A meme in the hand

  is gold in the oven,

so long as ruling ideas

  shall govern.




revised 23 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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