The Land O Plenty

In the Land O Plenty

a tow-head is born

to a freshly made

married young couple.


They had gotten themselves

perhaps into trouble,

from whence a tow-head

got formed.


Her family, all farmers,

migrate from strip-farms

to steel-mills in Depression

and war.


His, they’re all vets,

from Union and Rebel;

they’re battle wounds

deep from formed scars.


And four-score years hence,

the nation will change:

What was there once before

will be there no more.


New faces appear, while the old disappear;

and someone on occasion might hear:

“This here was once the Land O the Plenty.

Or, at least, it was near here, somewhere.”


It’s what people do.

No act is too much,

for events re-invent,

every life will get touched.


A tow-headed boy,

once some mother’s joy,

will follow the mass

and their actions.


From farmers to warriors

one cannot restore

the seed solely lost

from the actions of war.


The farmer (dash) warrior,

he looks to the mirror,

and sees a past close to his mind.


In the Land O the Plenty

there are most, if not many,

that speak of a future, behind.


And the seeds of a present

gets gone, lost, or absent

by actions that come time to time.


In the Land O the Plenty

a future is born

that seems weened to wage

someone’s war.


It’s the acts of a few

that subtract from many.

A time comes it can’t brook

much more.


God Bless and please save

the Land O the Plenty!

and keep all these tow-heads

from war.





20 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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