“But, I don’t want the Pain!”
“And so, you shan’t.”
“And what is the Purpose, again?”
“To gain.”
so she went in the World.
and, she was a ‘She.’
She had to be,
such be the ‘Laws’
she named ‘Nature.’
And Nature abounds!
It’s found all around.
The Plethora of ‘Things’
bound to Nature.
And she found therein Rules:
the Tools, which she used,
to teach her the Laws of this Nature.
And Rules obey Laws,
wherein were found Flaws,
the Limits to exceptional Features.
And that with a Soul  –
She called the animate 
Nothing at all matters,
and Everything matters,
for matter at motion or rest.
And She went in the ‘World.’
She went as a Girl.
And this was just part of the test.
And She went without pain,
for that was the main
for gaining Experience.
And She did not complain
of the human Domain,
the World of mundane existence.
Everything and Nothing
a little of Something,
and more if not most
an Insight to Wondering.
And in the Southwest
the Indians proclaim:
“Four” for the beginning
    of Everything.
©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn
29 May 2013. Revised 11 June 2013
Poem’s Score: 3.7

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