Metaphor Making

meta phorically  – such a hard word –

thinking can be tricky business.

That glorious sun!    erstwhile it runs

would not be the same    without Texas.


Were this not so    how would we know

insane    is the metaphor breaking.

The state right next door    makes Cajun decor

a stage      a mode      a being.


Reality proves    the mind as it moves

implicit    to this, that, for something.

Falsehood and Truth    cousins to both

consensus builds to appeal.


To the jar    on a hill –

are you standing there still?

You are what you are, and that will be real,

awaiting     more metaphor making.


The human endeavor

in language,     forever

the fuel    for the physical tool,

   creatively thinking

   the real into gold.


The appeal of this will

depends on the weald –

can the real sell     and will it still hold?

All that glitters    as real will unfold.


Like a jar    on a hill    now a bowl.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

1 July 2013


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