Elephant Butte


The water runs deep

dark and steep

just a few feet from the lake shore


and all eyes will sweep

the largeness she keeps –

she’s a butte of a lake, and much more.


The boys of their teens

are barely just weaned

from the babies they were just before,


then turned into teens,

the great in-betweens,

just a few years off from a war


when all will be changed,

and all’s re-arranged;

where some would not come back, anymore.


But the boys here today,

they’ve come here to play,

and a girl is the why and wherefore.


To Elephant Butte

they followed the beaut,

hitchhiking miles of five score.


They are but the teens,

of the great in-betweens;

they’ve a boatload of energy in store.


And two score years hence

anyone left would wince,

at the energies spent, now no more.


And should one be left,

he would wonder and guess

‘bout those who once stood on the shore


of Elephant Butte,

why they followed the beaut,

and why there was ever a war.


Their lives all but spent,

youth up and went,

and a beaut was the why and wherefore.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

8 July 2013

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