Just Goes to Show


If Easy Rider

    was so great

Why then still,

    do I still hate


This movie made

    so second rate,

Best Picture,

    they gave

    in Sixty-Eight!


Just goes to show

    what kind of state

A Sixty-Seven

    mind could make.

This money making

    big mistake,

Went on

    to win

    and Oscar take.


Just goes to show

    one can create

A horrid piece

    or phony fake,

And someone,



    some second rate

    as something great.


This poem itself,

    in quartets eight,

It’s not so good,

    in fact….

    just wait!


Like Easy Rider,

    second rate,

Compared as such,

    it’s just as great.

This poem’s a poem

    and cannot wait.

Hey!  A poem’s a poem;

    It cannot wait.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

9 September 2013


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