One Day Will Come


The weather seems perfect    in Honolulu

Even if rain    on old Oahu.


It never lasts long    but comes and then goes,

The weather is perfect    in Honolulu.


Three times per day,    maybe some more;

Some rains last longer,    like that or a war.


Two-Hundred years,    a revolving door,

Each generation    (which seems what they’re for)


Always finds something    brand new, to be sure;

The weather stays perfect    on old Oahu.


Although it still rains,    where sometimes it pours,

The water is wetter    outside, out of doors.


One day we will come    to our Waterloo,

Even if perfect    in Honolulu.


Two-Hundred years    it takes to be true

(Two-Hundred years later    and maybe some more)


A long time to wade through    war after war.

But, this time, for me,    I think I am through,


While weather is perfect    in Honolulu,

Even if rain    on old Oahu.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

12 September 2013




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