Mesa Verde


Pueblo por Pueblo

Stacked within arms

To protect you,


From dangerous harms.


Some blessed by agua,

Some, none at all.

Pueblo poor Pueblo,

Stone, in stone walls.


One year, acuerdo,

Another, que no.


¿Estuve que libre,

En stanzas escriben,

Que hace contigo

Libre también,

O este de no?


Pueblo por Pueblo,

Is freedom there sought?

Pueblo poor Pueblo,

Poor Pueblo is naught.


For Pueblo por Pueblo,

Where wealth is not taught,

Pobre o Rico

Some latter day thought,

Todos entonces

Was never then wrought.


Tenga cuidado

In what to seek for,

A saying most heard,

Beseeching implored.


One may make trouble

To take and endure.


Pueblo por Pueblo,

De quiénes, the word.


No más venga voces

The stonewalls once heard.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

01 October 2013


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