Who Will Boo Hoo?


The house was empty,

barren and lone.

Discarded now,

but once was a home.


Now, all abandoned,

it’s owners were gone,

’til three young teenagers

had happened along.


Who once had lived there

nobody knew.

Four small rooms,

a small bathroom, too.


Perhaps, who lived here

had simply outgrew

the lack of great space,

the house wasn’t new.


Three boys adventured,

the three lads went in

and bounced off the bare walls

their racket and din.


“Let’s make this a club house!”


“It could be our post.”


“No, let’s turn it to spook house,

a house full of ghosts!”


Then all three agreed

with what was last said.

“We’ll say it is haunted,

all living are dead.”


Three boys together,

that’s just what they did.

To make it enticing

they added some more:


Spilt ketchup here,

and there add more gore.

One would get dressed up

in order to scare


the younger kids planning

to bring over there.

So two lads returned

to their neighborhood


to roundup the laddies

and lassies they could,

to come forth, Adventure!

a ghost house somewhere.


In back of their minds

they schemed up a scare,

and built up the story

on horror and fear.


Along on the long walk

to the ghost house near there,

they all laughed and joked

and poked with free care.


Reaching the ghost house

the two stood aside

and turned to the others

and feigned bona fide


real fear and worry

in going inside.

“You sure that you want this?

You can turn back right now.


We’ll keep this our secret

and make it our vow

to never tell no one,

but forget it somehow.”


“Oh no!” Cried the young ones.

“We want to see this.

For this will be something

not surely to miss!”


“Then burgeon your bravery,

all fear now then hide.

Be careful, please children,

beware once inside.


We gainsay your safety.”

The lads further lied.

Bestirred by excitement,

enthused with the thrill,

that which in children

adults later kill


they hazard their venture,

approached the house wide,

leery at first

at what lie inside.


The laughter got darker;

their humor grew wan

the closer they drew

as they further on.


A creaky front entrance

helped make it more grim,

as slowly they opened

the door and went in.


The house now in tatters

inside for a purpose:

It added effect,

and make them all nervous.


“People were murdered,”

one lad began.

“Their bodies unfound

and not seen again.”


“Then,” added the other,

“take care where you can.

We’ll all go together

and lose not a man.”


The mien of the cluster

lost all its bluster.

It changed from fair bearing

in laughter to horror.


Far voices were heard –

Indistinguishable murmur,

when louder came one,

which pulled the kids thither


to the room it came from.

A lowing sound wafting

of slowing down laughing.

It mingled with voices


that seemed to come after.

Then! out of nowhere

a closet door opened.

Out came a slogging


a bloodified goblin.

The children went screaming,

and panic ensued.

In tandem the goblin


thereafter pursued.

Now louder came voices

from somewhere was made.

Why even the goblin,


he stopped still, afraid.

Out from all doors,

the children were poured.

One ran head on


to someone’s long arm

that stopped him

and pulled him

in sudden alarm.


“What’s going on here!”

Like a command

to his caught prey,

by a uniformed man.


“Murder!” He cried.

“Blood and mayhem!

Someone inside there

looks like he died!”


Three lads in tether.

Birds of the whether:

Whether if what

officials would do


to three boys together,

O! Birds of the feather!

Three lads together,

where one stood from two


guised in makeup,

ketchup and goo.

The three boys they’re asking

now who will boo hoo?




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

09 October 2013



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