The Nines


Nine is a number

    assigned to a month.


Nine is the number

    to months of the year


We pass through

    to get to

to finally reach here.


Remember    September

    Ninth month    of the year.




Three quarters an annum,

    three fourths so near


Of one quarter short

    to a full plenum year.


Depend on    from here on

    things to get bare.


Nine once the planets,

    now one is not there.




Nine is a number

    of men to a team.


Nine, a square root,

    rooted again.


Nine is the number

    of letters to count,


Nine for September,

    nine the amount.




“Nein” is the “NO”

    to Aleman teens;


But here, no one knows

    what “No” really means.


On average

   the middle,

not the extreme,


Remember  September

    and Winter it brings.




Nine is one number

    of possible things


We act on

    to map from

redoubtable dreams.


The Real

    still appeals

and wills

    what it seems.


Nuevas pruebas

    the nines

to extremes.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

13 October 2013; Revised 30 December 2013




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