Fish Out of Water


I moved to the East

where they ex-wife had brought me

because she so hated

New Mexico.


Some folk are like that

wherever they go.

But I fit in easy,

lizard-like so.


So I came to Virginia

just ‘out of the blue.’

But really, a ‘toss up’

twixt two States I knew.


This and Carolina,

none other would do.

The South was too hot,

the North just too cool.


I longed for the mountains

(to remind me of home).

An ocean near by me

(I loved that sea foam!)


Someplace that’s rural,

and urban to boot.

We flipped a Centavo,

Virginia lost out.


While working and schooling

at Ole UVA,

I ran into someone

from old far away

Farmington mid-school,

whom I used to know,

back in Four Corners,

New Mexico.


I said, “Hey there Lamar.

What brings you out here?”


“A PhD degree,”

he said back at me.


“Economics, my interest,

and the Navy.”


And that didn’t make sense,

but what did I know?

We didn’t have Navy

in New Mexico.


“Well, best of good luck there,

wherever you go.

We all end up somewhere

from New Mexico.”


And I thought of him after,

years since long ago.

Both ‘fish out of water’

from New Mexico.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

17 October 2013


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