Concessions and Compromises



Nature, Unforgiving,

Takes back from the living,

Recants on committed,

Retracts what is given,



On everything given

It strives behind striven,

Survives by just living,

Nature deprives in the end.

Nature’s a Janus faced friend.


My mother had died

While I was sleeping.

Death came a-creeping,

Still while a-sleeping;

Death came a-sneaking

while still in my bed.


She lay there unfeeling,

Stone cold, revealing

Nature’s annealing

This side of the Dead.


The Sunshine still falling,

Death shows appalling;

The sunshine on mourning

Is sunlight for dread.


The sudden surprise

Of Death’s rude demise

Further confirms

What She gives, She denies.

Nature, the giver

and taker of Lives.


One wonders which side

The Janus face lies?

Nature, quicksilver,

both gives and denies.



©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

26 October 2013


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