Latter Day Man

I don’t know, but think so.

I don’t understand.


I’m slow on the up-take,

But fast with a hand


To help a good neighbor,

Or helping a friend –


I glow in the up-beat,

A latter day man.


What Charlie hath saith

I dare countermand,


But Natural Selection?

It’s more luck than Plan.


(At least it would seem so,

To the latter day man.)


Poor Mother Nature.

I am a fast fan,


But Nature or Nurture

Ideas are canned.


Chaos will play us

Like waves will in sand;


What Fortune importunes

I can’t comprehend.


I don’t know, but seems so,

Than rather off-hand,


That friendship’s the best bet

For the latter day man.


The best tip, you can pick

Your foes or your friends,


And hope that the latter

Lasts longer than end.


As age overcomes us,

And we settle in,


Our quirks are more focused

Each year where we wend


The days, ’til they take us

To the latter day man.



©2014, Marvin Welborn

13 March 2014. Revised 19 March 2014.

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