some things

together      again

     just me      and my friend


what’s your name

     it’s the same

           you should know


the wind’s up      a trifle

     but  Oh so delightful


once again

     here’s my friend

           off we go


we’ve been here      before

     many years     maybe more


still the same

     what’s its name

           I should know


be he    a female

     or she be    a male


I can’t tell

     never will

           I don’t know


no name    for those things

     we cannot explain


it’s a game

     take a name

           so we know


my friend has  so long been

     and will be  again


just a same thing

     sans a name

           long after I go


some things are strange names

     some names are so


why struggle with name games

     just to let go


some things are strange things

     we’re not meant to know



©2014, Marvin Welborn

02 April 2014.



  1. Hello fellow NaPoWriMo-er 🙂 Ooooh this made me think (it hurts, it hurts!) I really enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm too. I think i will like it here….


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