Changing of the Guard


She was fifteen, he, twenty-one,

to me, an exceptional difference.

He was just back from Nam

and she had exceptional preference.


Hell! it couldn’t be wrong

her being so young;

besides, himself was twenty-one.

Dark secrets come slowly undone.


‘Twas the age of the Sixties,

though Seventy, young;

the past can not last,

we cannot fix these,

and the Seventies

had barely begun.


The echoes were there,

they still clung in air;

in five years hence

the Sixties dispensed,

that era, and in it, gone.


They were out very late,

a dark drive-in date,

both Cyndy and Teddie

and one other pair.


The two girls got hungry,

and asked for the money

to pick up concessions

at the snack-bar out there.


Upon their return,

it was there Teddie learned

the girls had walked past

a carload of lads


acting as boys

when boys will be bad.

They harassed

and then asked

the girls for a chance

at extramarital

sexual romance.


When Teddie got wind

of what happened to them,

his ire inside rose to rampant –

The rest of what happened

I leave from this couplet;


other than say,

when you send boys away

to fight as a man

in some country like Nam,


they come back home

as the boy they were when.

‘Cause given a gun

and then the whole run


to pillage and plunder,

raise Cain and thunder,

in their brains

they were trained

to raise racket.


When Teddie came home

he still used to pack it.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

04 April 2014.


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