Just To Say, Just One More Time

Re: William Carlos Williams….

Tink's ChapBlog ~ Tales of the Tribe. Mythopoeic Verse

The act of aging is no blight;
unless I’m wrong, I could be right –
An act of love is no mistake,
except for those who cannot wait.

Patience is a virtue, dear;
and now I’ve learned too late I fear.

Goodness goes in time of need,
a boon bestows on act and deed.
Courage girds the buckling knees;
virtuous words, a couple of “please.”

Forgive, forget, two acts of right;
to live regret, will stew all night
and cast a pall of rue at light.

That plum I ate? was aged so;
if truth be told, I now admit,
(in aftermath, you need to know)

It wasn’t that good –
so get over it!



(revised 6 Jan 12)

Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.

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