All That Remains

Revised 8 October 2014.

Tink's ChapBlog ~ Tales of the Tribe. Mythopoeic Verse

It’s a long, long way
to yesterday;
A whole lot of water
now gone.

An uncle would say:
“It’s been a good day,
it comes out in the wash
when all done.”

There’s triolets here,
a couple more there;
they bit by bit

I remember it most,
a real wholly ghost;
the feeling one gets
when not there.

It hovers and hangs
and clangs in the air.
A death had been done,
and handled with care.

The plane was all boarded
but going nowhere,
when the voices I heard
were borderline weird.

One of them said:
“Hey, you had to be there.
Molecular make-up
takes very great care.

To place to the face
takes eight engineers.”
And that’s when she passed
in all her allure –

A black dress she wore,
white and gray hair.
It was plain she was leaving,
her mind wasn’t there.

The drugs were…

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