A Kook, On The Kiva

Revised 22 Oct 14.

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A Kook, On The Kiva

The Cliff-dwellers,
at Bandolier,
live there no more.

Yet, people still stop
to pay their Hellos,
where homes have no rooves,
windows, or doors,

and ask:
Why did they leave?
Where did they go?

What is a Kiva?
and What is it for?

Some, hold to notions
they came from the oceans
of stars high above, overhead.

They were heaven here sent,
but felt they weren’t meant
to live on the corn-based

That under ground kivas
were founded for storing
something or other, instead.

Of not making offers
by sacred high staffers
to the spiritual world
of the dead.

But rather than coffers,
for little round saucers,
that offered to chauffeur
them home, overhead.

….Or so, what I’d heard,
what kibitz kook said,
that, that’s what a Kiva
was used for, instead.

~ ~ ~
©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

revised 22 Oct 14.


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