An Emergence Story

Tiamat’s waters
once were said bitter,
where that of the Abzû,
cleaner and sweeter.

Where the two came to
they merged in together,
making much profligate
splinter and splatter.

The off-spring, in turn,
en masse where they scattered
turned to the raucous
that raged and engendered

the flux to unfurl,
spew forth, endanger
the solid-state world
Abzû most enamored.

Where stasis had been
before was no longer,
and Abzû rose up
to end all and scatter

all the creation
he had thus fathered.
But Tiamat chose
to stand to oppose

Abzû’s destruction
of all they composed.
The off-spring, in turn,
sided with mother,

against the demise
surmised by their father,
and turned to depose
the reign of the latter.

The past is the past.
The past is all gone.
Even returning,
the past would be wrong.

That which you favor,
curry for, long,
this would not last,
for the past is soon gone.

Each to its own.
To each, its own kind.
All comes and goes,
in due course of time.

What once was, now is,
the past is design
to recline, resign,
fall fast to decline.

Change is the element,
flux is the sign;
the one into many
comes forth in due time.

Thus came the world wrought
from fission and fusion,
twixt Abzû and Tiamat,
and burst in creation.

So goes the story,
the story as told,
Sumerian Emergence,
the story is old.

The One into Many,
and more shall unfold.
©2014, Marvin Welborn
20 November 2014.

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