The Ballad of Arborvitae

An Arborvitae, evergreen,
Aligned a sidewalk path;
A man with dog would come along,
The shrubs, the dog not pass.

It had to smell where others’ tail
Had bent to burn the grass;
The owner stood not far away,
And said his shrubs won’t last.

The master of the dog spat back:
His dog would not do that!
“She only likes to go at home,
But likes to smell your grass.

Where other dogs have come and gone,
It’s this, she cannot pass.”

And once again, the owner said:
“My shrubs are going Dead!
I say, your dog will kill my tree,
Where he will stop to pee.”

The master of the canine bound
said: “He’s a she and Not a he!
She likes to smell – that will not kill
And home, is where she wees.”

And just like that, the lass sat down
upon the ground and wet.
“Well, look at that!” the master said.
“That’s a first for me.

I guess, we’ll next time go around
Your Arborvitae tree.”

©2015, Marvin Welborn
29 March 2015. Revised 31Mar15; 30May16.

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