The Age of Experience

And Sixty-Seven ended much different,
and different it was from the decade before.
The Fifties were nifty, but sad and a bore;
the Sixties had plenty of hope held in store.

One decade long is not a long span,
compared to the world, a flash for the Man.
The Age of Experience – You had to be in it!
Challenge, Adventure, and then there was war.

One decade long in the life of one man
is really not much, but a flash in the span.
Ed was a cousin; Ed was a friend.
We never saw Edward, ever again.

Where they go to war, everything ends;
when their world is cut short, a new one begins.
You gotta be somewhere, but that never ends.
With or without you, a new world begins.

So many were cousins, too many were friends;
if any should make it, well it never ends.
We are but pawns, each new world depends,
Like Edward, our cousin, and also a friend.

Just as it starts out, each one will end;
with or without you, a new world begins.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
7 June 2015

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