The Long Conversation

Who am I?
What is my Purpose?
What is the Meaning
of Life?

How should I know
my Role in the Cosmos?
Why do I
have to die?

What is this Love,
and Sorrow and Laughter?
What is this Yearning
to Try?

And why does it Turn,
all that we Learn,
Back, into Dust
when we Die?

A chance to be seen?
Perhaps, maybe heard?
It ends as begins,
with a Cry.

Just to Exist!
some will insist.
But, still, I persist
to ask Why.

Who am I?
What is my Purpose?
Why do I have to Die?

Some will still give,
they give it their best shot –
Theirs is to Live and not Lie.

Answers pour forth;
reasons fall short,
begging the question of Why.

Chaos, or Random?
Some Plan of Action?
Reasons that mean well will try.

This Song still Rolls On,
Long after all gone,
the reasons to meanings
of questions like Why.

Why am I here?
What is my Purpose?
Why do I have to Die?

The Long Conversation
begins and still ends:
What is the meaning of Life?

©2014, Marvin Welborn
13 December 2014. Revised 21 June 2015.


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