Once A Great Notion

There goes Dear Mary;
She walks down our street.

Worn out and tired;
Weary and beat.

She’s searching her soul,
Looking down deep;

Busy in forethought,
The Back thoughts, she keeps.

And I wonder what Mary,
What Mary now thinks.

Once we were young,
Just busy young tarts;

Mary, the others, and me.

Strong in our hearts,
We thought we were smart:

Sharp! And Man! fancy free.

We sought for a change!
A change to a nation:

We fought with vivacity.

Our spirit was filled,
Full in emotion:


And we thought we had changed –
We’d changed a whole nation!

What changed instead were we.

For Mary, myself,
And everything else,

A nation is made of all three.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
19 August 2015


  1. those days of youth and how we think we can change the world – and maybe in a way we do… and growing older realizing that within us things changed in the process as well..smiels

  2. Love the rhythm to this. When you break from rhyming couplets, it changes up the rhythm enough to keep things interesting, but without wrecking the poem’s flow.


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