Narbona’s Sonnet


The Mexican people, and the native Pueblo,
steal from each other, and fight Navajo.
Three native nations, just seeking to Be,
elides observation, except Apache.

Hot! is the color of summer air;
boiling, the sand, it spreads everywhere.
Water adds value – if only there were;
God knows! what value, of nothing that’s there.

The Blue men, the New men, the Dragoons of Kearny,
dearth in their number; but one day, come many.
These are the new men, to New Mexico;
so few men, these new men – to Navajo, foe!

Year upon year, continues a hassle:
subsistence survival, hardscrabble struggle;
effort and conflict, endeavor and wrestle –
Life is a grapple, stumble and scramble.

But, people there know how best to survive;
least those that best do, are those still alive.

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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