A priori, A priori!


The winter of 16
Was almost not here;

Then, neither was spring,
Now whether that matters.

The strangest of things
Are never so clear,

As good things that wake up
and make up for sadder.

If this makes much sense,
You’re smarter than I;

For I never learned
A priori.

During that winter
Of 2016,

I told the folks
“Get ready for spring!”

There’d be no winter,
No snow, or no ice;

For my book of fortune
Said all would be nice.

Why, even the groundhog,

Foreshadowed his image
And concurred with me.

And now, that ole summer
Has come and moved on,

I look back in wonder,
What ever went wrong?

I made a great blunder,
And now I guess I

Never should ever
Have used a priori.

A posteriori,
Should I just rely.

But still there’s a problem,
From 2016,

That haunts me unduly,
And bothers my being –

I cannot unravel,
I cannot explain,

Why folks lay the trouble
On me and still blame,

While groundhogs – Damn Gerbils!
Receive all their fame.

A posteriori
Won’t help me wear

The shame with my name,
A priori, I fear.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
27 February 2016

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